Joy Villa On Smacking Man’s Ass: “It Was A Joke, It Was Funny”

Joy Villa appeared on Good Morning America to speak out about her claims against Corey Lewandowski. Recently, Joy claimed Corey smacked her on the ass at a holiday party.

During the GMA interview, Joy says that she met with detectives for three hours to discuss the incident. Joy claims the detective informed her that this is not just sexual harassment, but it is sexual assault. Villa filed the papers against Lewandowski and says she wants an apology.  But that she does not know if an apology would be enough.

Joy was then asked about George Harris, the man who Joy got busted smacking his ass on video. Joy says that she was just being “stupid” and that “it was a joke, it was funny.” But George has recently spoke out and he doesn’t seem to think it was so funny.  George said the night Joy Villa smacked his ass, was the first time he ever met her. George said it was NOT consensual. He told Joy “take it easy,” so clearly he was not ok with her sexual assault. Joy is willing to apologize, but will that be enough? I think George should press charges on Joy.

Your thoughts?

Joy smacks George on the ass

Joy Villa before the MAGA dress

Take the poll: Is Joy Villa A Fraud?

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