George Harris Speaks Out About Joy Villa Smacking His Ass

Shortly after Joy Villa filed sexual assault charges against Corey Lewandowski for allegedly smacking her ass, a clip of a video which shows Joy slapping a man’s ass went viral.

The man in the video is apparently George Harris, a Tequila brand owner. Harris told that the smack on the ass was NOT consensual, like Villa lied and said it was. Joy also lied when she said her and George were friends. George claims he and Villa had met only 40 minuets before she smacked him on the ass.

According to, Harris said:

I met Ms. Villa at the Conservative Leadership Conference at the sponsorship dinner, as I recall 40+ people attended the event. And as I recall, I was introduced to her at the beginning of the event, and 40 minutes later she was slapping me on the rear-end.

Contrary to her statements in the press, the slap was not consensual, as the tape shows I had no idea I was going to be hit and I was clear in my response I said, Take is easy chica, behave, which is clearly on the tape. I brushed off the antics and enjoyed the balance of the evening.

I am concerned with Ms. Villa’s statements in the press that somehow the event was a consensual among friends. I don’t know Ms. Villa, I met her for a total of an hour and a half, I did find her charming and articulate during our interaction.

However, my opinion has changed after reading her exclusive interview with the Wrap she appears to be an opportunist, who plays loose with the truth.

Since the clip went viral, the full video has been released. You can watch that here:

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