Was There A Shooting At Aventura Mall?

An incident happened yesterday in Aventura Mall in Florida. Multiple witnesses are claiming there was a shooter. There’s videos witnesses took that show people running in fear, screaming, cops running with guns and in a couple of the videos it looks like a gunman is visible. In another video, it shows police escorting a man. One of the officers has the man by his arm and it looks like he has handcuffs on. But yet, police and the media are claiming there was no gunman at all. In a press release about the incident, it states:

On Saturday December 23rd at approximately 7:00PM the Aventura Police Department was notified of reports of
possible shots fired within the Aventura Mall.
Police Officers from the City of Aventura and multiple surrounding agencies were immediately dispatched to the
scene. This incident resulted in the evacuation of the mall and caused heavy traffic delays for several hours as
holiday shoppers exited the area.
There were no victims of any shooting located and all investigable leads have resulted in no indication of any
shooting or gunfire within the mall. The Aventura Police Department is continuing this investigation.
Any member of the public with any leads or information related to the reports of shots fired is asked to please call
the Aventura Police Department Communications Center at 305-466-8999.
Aventura Mall has reopened and resumed their regular holiday shopping schedule.


Once again it looks like we’re being lied to and a cover up is underway.



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