Las Vegas Police Captain Goes Missing


Las Vegas Police Captain James LaRochelle was reported missing at 2am this morning. According to Laura Loomer this comes one day after the FBI announced that Stephen Paddock had no motivation or accomplices in the Las Vegas shooting.

It’s been nearly three months since the shooting and it just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Not only did the whole story not add up from the beginning but then multiple witnesses ended up dead, and now the police captain is missing.

According to reports, LaRochelle was last seen Thursday around 2 a.m. near Desert Foothills and Charleston Boulevard in the far west valley.

He was last seen driving a tan 1998 Land Rover bearing Nevada license plate 592-JBV.


UPDATE: James LaRochelle has been safely located.


One thought on “Las Vegas Police Captain Goes Missing

  1. Since when is it alright to not give explanation to public where he was found and why he was reported missing. They wanted help from public. That same public should be given explanation. Trust? Losing public trust as these weird things occur

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