How to Trigger a Liberal

We’ve all spent countless hours talking to and educating liberals. But lets be honest, sometimes it’s fun to just trigger the sh*t out of them. I’ve lost count of how many people, politicians, or pages on Twitter and Facebook, that have blocked me. I’m sure I’ve made at least a few people cry.

Now, let me tell you my favorite ways to trigger a snowflake.

If you are speaking with a p*ssy hat wearing feminist, ask her what she is doing out of the kitchen. Ask her who makes the sandwiches for her husband while she’s at the women’s marches. Or you could just tell her to get to the kitchen and make a sandwich. Be sure to call her sweetheart after asking for the sandwich. They love that.

Another great way to trigger liberals is to just simply say/write “WRONG” after everything they say/post. I’ve done this and oh boy, that guy was heated. Triggered him using only one word. Or you can just post this gif of President Trump saying “WRONG” and really piss them off.

If someone brings up President Trump’s locker room talk, be sure to tell that the words “they let you” do not imply sexual assault. Then point out the hypocrisy. Bring up Obama showing off his disgusting boner to nasty women. The video is here:

You can also mention Killary defending a child rapist. She not only defended the pervert, but she also laughed about the case, had evidence destroyed and harassed the 12 year old victim. Video of Hillary admitting to defending the child molester, knowing he was guilty, is here :

If they’re a Bernie supporter, you might want to mention the perverted “essay” he wrote, where he says all women fantasize of being raped by multiple men simultaneously. You can read about that here:


And of course, be sure to mention that Bill Clinton didn’t only grab women by the p*ssy but he also stuck cigars up them, in the white house.

You can also ask them (if a man) if he’s ever grabbed/touched p*ssy. If he says no, apologize for assuming he was straight.

If someone calls our President racist, let them know President Trump dated a black woman named Kara Young. You can also bring up Jennifer Hudson, Lynne Patton, Melissa Young and Darnell Barton. If you don’t know their stories, you can read about them here:

Then be sure to tell them that Hillary’s mentor Robert Byrd was a KKK leader. Here’s video of Hillary talking about Byrd and calls him her mentor.

Bill Clinton defended Robert Byrd being part of the KKK. You can see that video here:

Robert Byrd

If you have a liberal friend or co-worker, give them this safety pin gag gift.

If someone talks about Melania Trump’s old modeling photos, show them Obama’s mom’s nudes. You can find those by doing a quick google search.

If you’re talking to someone who is a Michelle Obama fan, mention that she might be a man.

If you’re talking to a muslim or muslim sympathizer, ask them why their prophet was married to a child?

Tell them Merry Christmas.

Say God Bless you.

Tell them Trump is their President.

Any of the above are sure to have them running to their basements…I mean safe spaces.



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