Penn State Student Calls For Death of Americans, Penn State Says There’s No Threat To Campus At This Time

A Penn State exchange student from Kuwait has been making pro Islamic terror comments on social media. Last month  Hussain Altarakmah messaged journalist Laura Loomer, celebrating the ISIS attack in NYC. In Hussain’s messages he told Laura disturbing things like, “9/11 didn’t kill enough of you f**kers,” “Death to America” and “I hope Iran nukes your country.”

Loomer contacted Pen State and the police, but it seems as if nothing has been done. The school and police department both issued statements claiming that there is no threat to the campus at this time. Ummm, wtf? The guy wished death on Americans and he’s not a threat? He has pro Islamic crap all over his social media, but not a threat? He also posted a photo of Leila Khaled, a Palestinian terrorist who was involved in 2 plane hijackings. Not a threat? According to POL, Hussain even poses as Bin Laden. But you know, he’s not a threat. *Eye roll*

One would think that all of this hate for America would not only get him expelled, but also deported. But apparently the school and authorities would rather protect the terrorist instead of doing what’s right, which would be protecting innocent students!

Laura has received messages not only from students but staff as well. People are terrified, as they should be. Hussain has made it clear he sees no value in American lives. So why are students and teachers being forced to live in fear? Is it because the school is worried about offending muslim’s? Do they not want word out that a terrorist is attending the school? I’ve got news for you Penn State, if this pos hurts somebody, you will have blood on your hands and the whole world will know it!

UPDATE: Sign the petition calling on Penn State to expel Hussein Altarakmah.

A protest is planned for Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm in front of the Allen Street Gates at Penn State’s Main Campus. If you are in the area, please show up!


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