Escaped Inmate Flees From Police After Officer Involved Shooting

On Nov. 6th two inmates escaped from a Palo Alto courthouse. Tramel Mcclough and John Bivins were both at the courthouse for hearings when they escaped. Mcclough and Bivins ran out of an emergency exit in the courthouse and jumped in a vehicle that was waiting for them. They then drove a few blocks before abandoning the get away car, and took off in a U-Haul that was waiting for them. 

Two people were arrested for helping the men escape.

A $25,000 reward was offered for information leading to their arrests.

On Nov. 21st the men were spotted in Stockton, CA. McClough was arrested but Bivins is still on the run.

Bivins was last seen in a green 1999 Ford Explorer, license plate 7TTY505.

According to CHP Stockton, CHP units attempted a traffic stop that lead into a short pursuit to a Walmart, when the driver, McClough, got out of the vehicle and ran into Walmart. He was later apprehended. As McClough jumped out of the car, Bivins got into the drivers seat and took off. Police pursued the vehicle and an officer involved shooting occurred. According to reports, a CHP officer was involved in the shooting and discharged his weapon. Bivins then fled the scene.

On CHP Stockton’s Facebook page it states:

CHP pursuit and officer involved shooting.

At approximately 1716 hours, CHP units attempted a traffic enforcement stop of a vehicle on northbound I-5 south of Eight Mile Road. A short pursuit ensued onto southbound Trinity Parkway where the driver exited and ran into Walmart and was later apprehended. The passenger entered the driver seat and fled in the vehicle on southbound Trinity Parkway. On Trinity Parkway just south of McAuliffe Road an officer involved shooting occurred. A CHP Officer was involved and discharged his weapon. The suspect fled in the vehicle on northbound Trinity Parkway. This incident in still under investigation and more details will be released as soon as possible.

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