What REALLY Happened At The CMA Awards

Last night, after watching the CMA Awards, I got online and saw news reports claiming Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood bashed President Trump. Then today, I see multiple posts on Facebook from people who are upset about this. The thing is, these claims are not true.

Let me tell you what really happened…

At the start of the show co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood dedicated the show to victims of the horrific attacks that have happened throughout this year, and to the victims of the hurricanes.

After walking onto the stage, Carrie Underwood said, “Las Vegas, Charlottesville, New York, Sutherland Springs, historic storms in Texas, Puerto Rico and Florida and the list goes on and on.  This has been a year marked by tragedy impacting countless lives, including so many in our country music family. So tonight, we’re gonna do what families do, come together, pray together, cry together, and sing together too.”

Brad Paisley then said, “Look the way we see it the best way to honor our fans is to play our music loud and proud. Our music lifts people up and that’s what we’re here to do tonight. So this year’s show is dedicated to all those we’ve lost and all of those who are still healing. We love you and we will never forget you.”

A few moments later is when it got political. But it’s nothing like what most of the media is claiming. Brad and Carrie joked about politics for two minutes out of the three hour show. They not only made a joke about President Trump tweeting, but they also took shots at Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and others. Again, this lasted two minuets, and others were included in the jokes. I really don’t consider this “bashing” President Trump.

Here’s what was really said,

Carrie told Brad, “Now Brad I don’t know if you’ve heard about this but the CMA has given us some guidelines with specific topics to avoid. So we we can’t be doing any of our silly little songs because this year’s show is a politics free zone.”

Brad replied, “Are you kidding me, that’s not fair. Hold on, so we can’t even do like….” He then starts playing his guitar and sings, “Way down yonder on the Scaramucci?” He asks Carrie, “That doesn’t work?”

Carrie says, “No, no, no Scaramucci, Brad, no.”

Brad asks, “What about like well…” He starts playing the guitar again, “well she’s gone, gone, gone….”

Carrie interrupts, “No”

Brad continues to sing, “gone, gone, gone, oh she wrote a memoir, Hillary’s back.” Then he asks, “Can’t do it?”

Carrie says, “creative but no.”

Brad, “so that means like no more hold me closer Bernie Sanders?

Carrie replies, “no, can’t do it.”

Brad asks, “Harper Valley DNC?”

Carrie replies, “nope.”

Brad asks, “not even stand by your Manafort?”

Carrie says, “definitely not.”

Brad asks, “what are we gonna do then?”

Carrie replies, “well clearly we can’t say or play anything so I guess to present of our award for the night.” Brad interrupts by starting to play his guitar again. Carrie continues talking, “the stars of the new movie…what are you doing Brad”

Brad replies to Carrie, “Oh I’m definitely not doing this one…” Then Brad starts singing a spoof of “Before He Cheats” He sang, “Right now he’s probably in his PJs watching cable news reaching for his cell phone…”

Carrie interrupts, “really?”

Brad continues singing, “right now he’s probably asking siri how in the hell do you spell Pocahontas…”

Carrie joins in singing, “well here we goooo.”

Brad continues singing, “in the middle of the night from the privacy of a gold plated, white house toilet seat he writes little Bob Corker, NFL, covfefe.” Carrie joins in, “covfefeeeeeeee.”

Brad continues singing, “and its fun to watch, yea that’s for sure, until rocket man starts a nuclear war and (Carrie joins in) maybe next time he’ll think before he tweeeets.”

Carrie then says,  “yeah we can’t do that one.”

Brad replies, “definitely not.”

So there you have it, the truth. Would you consider that bashing President Trump? I don’t.

Here’s two more things to keep in mind. One, the audience laughed at all jokes, not just the ones about President Trump. In fact, the hosts also made fun of some audience members, and the crowd laughed at that as well.

Two, The CMAs always make political jokes. Below you will see not only yesterday’s opening of the show, but I’ve also included a video from the 2013 CMA Award show, where Brad and Carrie mock Obamacare.

2017 CMA opening:


2013 CMA opening:




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  1. Thank you for this! I’m glad there are still people with some common sense in this world! Nothing wrong with what they joked about at all!

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