Teacher Being Held Hostage At Elementary School In Riverside Ca

An elementary school teacher is being held hostage in Riverside, Ca. A man walked into Castle View Elementary School, had an altercation with staff in the office and then proceeded to head to a classroom. A staff member attempted to stop him and was punched in the face. The suspect then walked with two back packs, to a classroom, where he barricaded the door, and is now holding a teacher hostage.

Thankfully, all students were out to lunch when the man arrived, so no children were in the classroom. Students have since been removed from the school and released to their parents.

Police say upon arrival, they noticed smoke coming from the classroom, but the smoke has since cleared. It is unknown what the smoke was coming from, but police do not seem to think it is a danger.

No details about the man are available except that he is a black, adult male, and a parent of a child who attends the school.

It is unknown if the teacher is ok at the moment.

I will update this article as more information is released.






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