Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Snyder Could Have New Place To Live


Fresno, CA – Jeffrey Snyder is a convicted pedophile, who was recently released from Coalinga State Hospital. Snyder has been molesting children since 1979, and has molested a child nearly every time he’s been released from prison. 

Last year plans were announced that Snyder would be released and would be living in a two story, 5 bedroom home 1 mile from the Island Water Park and less then a mile from a school. It was said this home was intended to be some sort of halfway house and that more convicted pedophiles would be moving in shortly after Synder. Many people spoke out with their concerns, and the house was not rented to Synder after all.

Next, an owner of a trailer in Squaw Valley agreed to allow Snyder to live there. Three days after releasing this info to the public, the trailer mysteriously burned down.

Synder has since been released as a transient, costing taxpayers $816,000 a year. For the last couple of months, Synder has been staying in motels in Fresno, moving to a different one every 5 days.

According to new reports, the state may have found Synder permanent housing.  The proposed location is The El Muir Motel at 2339 S. G St. According to reports, It is a one-story, 6,400-square-foot building with 20 guest rooms located just south of downtown Fresno and west of Calwa near Golden State Boulevard.

According to reports,

The Fresno County District Attorney’s office is accepting public comment to include in its formal response in court. Anyone who wishes to submit a comment is asked to email or mail to the office at 2220 Tulare St., Suite 1000, Fresno CA 93721. Mailed comments should have “Attn: Sexual Assault Unit” written on the envelope.


See Snyder’s past convictions below:

1. 1979 – charged with PC 236 (false imprisonment); PC 314 (indecent exposure); PC
647(a) (soliciting a lewd act) – charges dismissed after 6 months of counseling;
2. October 1979 – convicted of PC 288 (lewd and lascivious act with a child) –
received a 3 year commitment to the CDCR, and found to be a Mentally Disordered
Sex Offender;
3. March 1985 – convicted of PC 288(b)(2) (oral copulation with a child under the age
of 16) – received a 3 year commitment to the CDCR;
4. November 1988 – convicted of PC 647.6 (annoying or molesting a child) – received
a 2 year commitment to the CDCR;
5. February 1989 – convicted of PC 647.7 (annoying a child under the age of 18) –
received a 6 year concurrent commitment to the CDCR;
6. 1992 – parole violation due to contact with a 17‐year‐old male – returned to CDCR
for 1 year;
7. September 1994 – convicted of PC 647.6 (annoying or molesting a child) – received
a 10 year commitment to the CDCR; and
8. September 2002 – parole violation due to having contact with a minor.



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