Upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour To Feature Drag Queen Who Works At Nude Male Strip Club

A few days ago I wrote an article about drag queen story time in Long Beach, Ca. The Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library’s story teller was a man who identifies as a female killer clown from outer space, who has gay porn posted all over his Tumblr account. You can read more about that here.

Today, as I was looking at a Facebook page called Drag Queen Story Hour, I learned that the killer clown was not the first drag queen to do story time in a public library. In fact, it looks like this bs has been happening quite often. There are several photos on the page with different drag queens being a story teller in libraries.

There is an upcoming drag queen story hour at Forbes Library in Northampton, MA on Oct. 28th. This event will feature Lesléa Newman, author of Heather Has Two Mommies and Sparkle Boy.  The other guest is a drag queen who goes by the name Jenayah De Rosario.

On the Facebook event page, it states:

All children are invited to wear their sparkly, shimmery, glittery best and join local author Lesléa Newman along with local drag queen entertainer Jenayah De Rosario for Drag Queen Story Hour. They will read picture books that celebrate everybody’s right to shine including Lesléa’s latest picture book, SPARKLE BOY. After the reading there will be a sparkly art activity, face painting, and book signing. Drag Queen Story Hour was created by Michelle Tea and RADAR Productions in San Francisco and now takes place in communities all over the world.

According to the drag queen, Jenayah’s Facebook page, he is an entertainer at Oz Springfield, a gay bar, and former Imperial Crown Princess\Treasurer at Imperial Court of Western Mass Inc.

On the Imperial Court of Western Mass Inc. Facebook page, it states:

Vision Statement: The vision of the Imperial Court of Western Mass is to fortify the understanding of pride and diversity. To foster equity and equality that transcends generations.

On Jenayah’s Twitter bio it reads:

Drag queen entertainer from Western Massachusetts Host of Excuse Our Beauty at XRoom and Drag Bingo at GCA.Mother to the Tragedias.

I looked up the XRoom on Twitter and it is an all nude male strip club. Their Twitter bio reads:

The X Room at Mardi Gras. Only all nude male strip club in Massachusetts.

Looking further into events that the X Room holds, I came across a very disturbing event from last March. The event called ‘Excuse our Beauty: Toddlers and Tiaras,’ if I’m understanding correctly, features drag queens dressed as little girls, while grown men are dancing nude on stage. According to the the Facebook event page, Jenayah De Rosario was one of the hosts for the event. On the event page it reads:

Excuse our Beauty is back!!!!!! Come join us for this months installment of beauty as the girls bring us their best Toddlers and Tiaras looks! This will be one you will not want to miss!!!!!! Come celebrate your birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party or whatever with us! We are also welcoming our new official cast member Lexi Deville!!!!! Can’t wait to see you all at the Xroom with the fabulous male dancers!!!!! Oh and excuse our beauty cause we are ready to excuse yours!💋

On the X Room’s Facebook page it reads:

Tonight at The X-Room Excuse our Beauty: Toddlers and Tiaras hosted by Jenayah De Rosario performances by Hella Swagg-Tragedia Nicolette Antoinette Marita Bonita Lexi DeVille. Come join us tonight for this amazing show and New England’s sexy nude male dancers.— with Hella Swagg-TragediaNicolette AntoinetteMarita Bonita,Jenayah De Rosario and Lexi DeVille.

Please someone explain to me how the F*ck this type of stuff goes on, and how in the world is someone like this allowed to do story time with children!? This is NOT ok!! They are attempting to sexualize children and to normalize pedophillia!

This event does not take place until Oct. 28th. I suggest calling the library and demanding they cancel this event. There is no way a transgender that dresses up like a lil’ girl and dances around with grown naked men, should be a story teller for story hour at the library!

Forbes Library Contact Info:

20 West St
Northampton, Massachusetts
Call (413) 587-1011


Please share this article to help expose this evil that is being forced on our children!














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