Everything You Need To Know About Edith Macias, The Woman Who Stole Mans MAGA Hat


A student at UC Riverside stole another student’s MAGA hat, and threatened him.

Matthew Vitale was minding his own business when Edith Macias stole his MAGA hat off of his head, and then took off running. Matthew followed her into the campus office and asked her repeatedly to give his hat back. Edith screamed, cursed, and even threatened Matthew. Finally, the staff in the office got his hat back. When Edith attempted to storm out, she was greeted by campus security. But it does not seem as if anything was done about her behavior.

Matthew recorded the incident and posted the video to Facebook saying,

This is the face of the modern left. They are people who think they are better than you, think they know better than you, and think they can make decisions for you. People like this are what universities across America are putting out into this world.

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As a warning, there’s a lot of foul language.

Edith also posted another video from the same incident to her Facebook page, but it has since been removed. Along with the video, Edith wrote,

Wearing a Make America Great Again cap at UCR… Youre making the decision to intentionally hurt people. “Make America Great Again” coded “Continue the Genocide of POC”. You feel safe cuz you got the cops and politicians on your side. Youre not safe… just saying. We need to make racists scared. Issa movement y’all. #SnatchAHat#FuckTrump#ChataFlies#Share#FTP

See screenshot from video below:


On Edith’s Facebook page, she wrote that her mother is in the United States illegally.



From the looks of Edith’s Facebook page, it seems she has attended protests against President Trump, the wall being built, and the police. She has also posted about Black Lives Matters event, so I’m assuming she attends those as well.





Edith shared an article about witches casting spells on our President, so there’s a chance she was involved in that as well.


Edith may be part of Antifa. On Jan. 21st, Edith posted a photo of herself to Facebook, wearing a black mask like Antifa members do.


Edith clearly has an issue with white people.



Edith receives financial aid. She posted to Facebook that she was using her financial aid to rent an apartment, but shortly after stealing Matthew’s hat, she started a go fund me, claiming to need funds for an apartment.


From looking at Edith’s Facebook, I’d say she’s always been a hateful person. In a post on FB, she wrote, “I was taught to hate myself before I ever learned that loving myself was an option…” Now she’s taking that hate out on everyone else. Typical liberal.





UPDATE: Edith Macias has been charged by the District Attorney’s Office.

In a Facebook post Matthew wrote:

Edith Macias has been formally charged by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

In another post, Matthew wrote:

…Edith Macias has been charged with a misdemeanor by the Riverside County DA’s Office pursuant to PC 487(c), grand theft from a person. A court date has been set…


UPDATE: Edith Macias will not serve any jail time for stealing the MAGA hat.

According to thecollegefix.com:

“The defendant pled guilty to one count of petty theft and was referred to our standard deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) program, which requires the completion of a class in exchange for a dismissal,” John Hall, a spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, told The College Fix via email Monday.

“Prior to agreeing to the DEJ program, the defendant provided proof that she has already completed eight anger-management classes and wrote an apology letter to the victim and UCR. If the defendant does not complete the DEJ program as agreed upon, she would be sentenced to 10 days in county jail and three years of summary probation,” Hall said.




17 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Edith Macias, The Woman Who Stole Mans MAGA Hat

    1. She said that her mother is here illegally and admited it. So we know thay are here illegally so now the cop and ICE should do there jobs and take this trash out of the USA.


  1. This big mouthed thief is now facing up to a year in jail for what she did. Riverside may not give her any time, but they should. Her attitude is appalling. I do admire the restraint that the owner of the hat and university staff showed. Not thumping her had to be hard. It was for me when I watched her abusive behavior on video.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a screenshot of her original GoFundMe post before she changed it. It mentions how she’s being evicted because of a “racist white bitch” how can I post this or who can I send it to to add onto the article?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I found out that she here illegally !! My sister is a police officer and knows all about the case, Edith Macias is an illegal alien!! I already called ICE hoping they will pick her ass up ! The only problem is she is not just at one address so we need to find out where she is residing in order to ship her back wherever she came from.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. B – White, I found an address in los angeles that says Edith lives there. It’s a nice house though, I don’t see Edith being able to afford this place. Maybe it is her mothers address?


  5. Reading these comments make me so happy. True Americans working together to show this ungrateful, criminal tendencies, non-citizen on top of it all, how good she actually had it in the first place by the freedoms we fought for. I salute you ladies and gentlemen. When she is deported and finds out what life is like outside these walls, she might finally grow up.

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  6. Any follow up on this? Get court date was in March, I thought. I can’t find any information on what happened.


  7. This moron better study history a little closer before she blames genocide on just one group of people or race….history is replete with groups/races conquering other groups/races…this is nothing new…it has happened all over the world throughout history…she had better look into her own ancestral background…she will find that even her race murdered and took what belonged to others….of course, she’s going to a liberal university so she will only learn about the white people invading, not about Hernan Cortes invading Mexico in 1519 and conquering the Aztec Empire..nope…doesn’t fit into the ‘hate white people’ narrative that leftist college professors like to push…

    Read more


  8. she should’ve gotten at least 10 days plus 3 years probation upon completion of the silly classes and essay paper… ridiculous


  9. Her mother is an illegal( Her words not mine) . The while damn family should be deported. Get her and all members of her family out of this country.


  10. She will only become more hateful and have a total disregard for authority in her years to come . Major noticable anger issues possibly stemming from some sort of disorder. But she has burdened our system long enough and needs to go home with her mother .


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