Woman Says Shots Were Fired In Caesars Palace During Las Vegas Shooting

A woman claims that during the Las Vegas shooting shots were also fired in Caesars Palace. She wrote on Facebook that everyone ran for their lives. She says after she took off running she heard about 20 shots behind her.

The Facebook post states,

We were in Caesars Palace tonight and there was a shooting in there too. For some reason the news hasn’t even mention this.
We heard about the first shooting as we were walking and went into Caesars to wait it out. We were in the food court and all of sudden you see everyone running for their lives from the casino area right next to the food court. We took off and then I hear about 20 gun shots behind me. We took cover behind a wall and managed to escape through the kitchen. It was like a scene in a movie. The news isn’t saying anything so I thought everyone should know there were multiple shootings here tonight.

In another Facebook post the woman writes,

I posted two snaps of us walking into the casino of Caesars palace at 11:20p. The shooting in caesars casino was about 10 min after I took these videos. So this shooting happened around 11:30p. (The videos were taken 10 minutes BEFORE the caesars shooting happened)
The concert was shot up around 10:30p with automatics. A whole hour after this, the shooting in caesars casino happened. It sounded like a semi-automatic gun
Caesars and Mandalay are on the other side of each other. They said the shooter killed him self and was on the 32st floor of mandalay. How did he get to the complete other side an hour later if he supposedly killed him self?
There HAD to be more than one shooter.
I know what I heard/saw. Since the news still hasnt mentioned shit, thought I’d spread the awareness.

Author: Deplorable Kel

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  1. Yes I was there as well and have never ran so fast in high heels. I heard the sound first and then saw the sparks maybe 20 feet away from me. What are they covering up why can’t they just admit there was more than one shooter and the other Shooters haven’t been caught?

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