R.I.P. Melanie Crow Smith

Melanie Crow Smith is the 39 year old woman that was killed on Sunday during a shooting spree at a church. Melanie was a resident of Smyrna, Tennessee. Melanie was a single mother of two children, a girl and a young boy. According to reports, Melanie’s children said Melanie loved cooking, scary movies and her faith. In an interview, Melanie’s daughter told the reporter that she usually goes to church with her mother, but on Sunday she attended a different church.


The Church where the shooting happened made a post regarding Melanie and said,

“The arrangements have been announced for our dear sister, Melanie. Melanie had a bright and beautiful smile that would light up a room when she walked in; and that smile was big and beautiful last Sunday morning during worship. Melanie and her family are dear to us; they are part of our family. Please keep her children, family, friends and co-workers in your prayers.”


Melanie had her 20 yr class reunion coming up in Oct. The High school reunion page on Facebook made a post announcing Melanie’s death.


On Melanie’s obituary page online some of the comments left mentioned that she was a loving and kind-hearted woman, some talked about her smile lighting up a room, others mentioned she was a hard worker, always putting the company first, some mentioned her love for cooking, and other comments mentioned how much she loved her children.

It’s clear Melanie was loved by many, her family, church family, friends, and most of all her children. It’s a tragedy that she has been taken from this world.

RIP Melanie Crow Smith.


Melanie Crow Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know








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