Meet Kyle McCoy, BAMN Member Arrested During Free Speech Event

Yesterday, eleven protesters were arrested during Free Speech Week in Berkeley CA. Among the people arrested was 28 year old Kyle McCoy, from Oakland. He was arrested for carrying a banned weapon and wearing a mask while committing a crime.

This is not the first time McCoy has been arrested. Back in December of 2014 he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, during a protest against the police. It seems McCoy has been involved with many protests and is a member of BAMN.

McCoy is a fan of Farrakhan. In 2012 Farrakhan spoke at UC Berkeley, and McCoy attended. According to reports McCoy said he’s felt a connection to Farrakhan long before the campus visit. The Final Call wrote:

Kyle McCoy, a senior Americana and African Studies major at the University of California at Berkeley, told The Final Call he felt a connection to Min. Farrakhan long before the campus visit. According to Mr. McCoy, his grandfather, Ed Clark, a native of Boston, grew up with Min. Farrakhan and his grandfather’s brother, Exie Clark, was one of Min. Farrakhan’s music teachers. Mr. McCoy called the conference the biggest conference he ever attended and was elated to see Min. Farrakhan in person. “The Minister’s message was a real good opening to reigniting the fire, especially the whole aspect of community leadership,” he said.

On Mccoy’s Facebook page he has anti police, anti President Trump, pro blm, pro black panther, and pro muslim posts.

According to Mccoy’s Facebook page, he also uses the name “K One Ivory III.”

Some of the Facebook groups that Mccoy is in include –

BAMN: Build the New Civil Rights Movement at UC-Berkeley!BAMN, Occupy OaklandDISARM THE POLICE IN AMERICAThe Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq), UC Berkeley, State of Black Oakland (SOBO)M4SJ, REVOLUTIONARY THINKERS…AND FREEDOM FIGHTERS.., and Obama: Act Now to Protect the DACA Immigrants from Trump’s Deportations!

The books McCoy likes on Facebook are American Juvenile JusticeThe Wretched of the EarthDown These Mean Streetskings dream, and By Any Means Necessary.

On McCoy’s Facebook page there is a photo of him with Bobby Seale, political activist and co-founded the Black Panther Party.

On McCoy’s Periscope there’s video of him during a protest. McCoy says the purpose of the protest is to shame white supremacist. In the same video McCoy is talking crap to police officers and mentions them having lethal weapons and says he’s going to “talk to the mayor about that.” Kinda funny he mentions speaking to the Mayor, we all know the Mayor is connected to BAMN.
















Click to access DemoArrests.pdf

Oakland council votes to support worker co-ops, 100 Cameras campaign

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