List of Protesters Arrested in Berkeley

List of Protesters Arrested in Berkeley

Eleven protesters were arrested today during an event put on by Milo Yiannopoulos. As usual, Antifa and BAMN members showed up to protest Free Speech.

According to Berkeley Police Department the people arrested were

Sherman, Keith, 30, Oakland
McCoy, Kyle, 28, Oakland
Coxburnett, Drean, 23, Berkeley
Cho, Jonathan, 27, Oakland
Starling, Imalda, 32, Berkeley
Johnson, David, 24, Oakland
Stark-Buhl, Rane, 27, Oakland
Orr, William, 29, Oakland
James, Kelsey, 24, Reno
Reddy, Gautam, 22, San Ramon
Feil, Syth, 30, Redwood Valley, BMC 13.45.020


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