Hillary Supporter Arrested During Protest

Sarah Roark is one of the nine people that were arrested Thursday during a protest at the Ben Shapiro event in Berkeley. According to the Berkeley Police Department, Roark was arrested for carrying a banned weapon.

Earlier today, The Red Elephants posted a photo to Facebook of Roark with Hillary Clinton. Why am I not surprised she’s a Hillary supporter?

After looking at Roark’s Facebook page, it’s clear she is not only a nasty woman, but she also supports illegals, Planned Parenthood, and one might say she is anti man.

Roark refers to President Trump as “T” as if she can’t even say his name. She refers to Hillary Clinton as “Hils” as if they were BFF’s.

Roark claims that President Trump is an “ignorant, incoherent bigot who seems incapable of focusing for more than ten minutes at a time.” Roark even claims that President Trump doesn’t even love his own children….This girl is seriously f*cked up.

In a Facebook post she said:

“Sigh. I really, really hope the vast majority of Democrats who are seeming to talk like they think T could come to his senses and act like a normal politician are lying their faces off. Because seriously, we all should be well aware by now that he is a chain-yanker. After a couple dozen times getting your chain yanked, you ought to have that worked out. 🙂 T does not care about coherent policy or about doing what’s best for anybody but himself. ANYbody. I’m not even giving him credit for loving his children here.”

Roark has participated in a number of protests. In a Facebook post she says she is a volunteer with the Berkeley chapter of Refuse Fascism 

Some of the Facebook groups Roark is in are listed below:

San Francisco for Hillary, The Hillary We Know, Activist ★ Democrats, Oakland, Berkeley Emeryville for Hillary, NorCal for Hillary, San Mateo County Action Coalition (formerly San Mateo County for Hillary), SF United Against Trump, and Snopes.

Roark is a blogger and author. Her blog is filled with anti Trump rants. She is the author of a weird vampire comedy site, called “After Daylight.”

In a June 2016 blog post on Roark’s “vampire comedy” site, she says that 2016 was “not your average year. Not in politics” and continues on to say,

“…I decided this spring that maybe just maybe, simply yelling on Facebook or at the TV set was proooooobably not going to do all THAT much to help the situation. And was driving me bonkers anyhow. So, I decided to volunteer. And as it turns out, ::Shakespearean Crusader voice:: I HAVE CHOSEN WISELY. On multiple fronts. It put me in contact with a lot of fabulous folks who cared as much as I did, who quickly became fast friends. It turned energy into positive action, rather than letting it curdle over into bitterness and bad photo memes. And it gave me a ground-level view of how even very small efforts contribute to the whole, which means that yes, as dorky and bumper-stickery as it sounds, you can make a difference. I wasn’t even doing anything that amazing — data entry, phone banking, canvassing — and yet I clearly saw how that, put together with everybody else doing the same thing, moved the needle the way we wanted it to go.”

I guess since campaigning for Hillary didn’t turn out in her favor, she thinks it’s ok to protest in the streets, throw fits like a child, and assault people. Maybe you should have campaigned harder, nasty woman!

Since being released from jail, Roark is claiming that she was holding a huge sign, not a weapon. Even IF this is true, the oversized sign was indeed on the list of banned items. Weapon, or sign, either way she intentionally broke the rules of the event. Besides, we’ve seen antifa use whatever they can get their hands on as a weapon. Follow the rules Roark! Oh and SUCK IT UP, WE WON!









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