Female Officers Join Hot Cop Challenge

Recently the Gainesville Police Department posted a photo of 3 male officers to Facebook, that quickly went viral. Women everywhere were drooling over the “hot cops.” Soon after, multiple Police Departments joined in on the “hot cop challenge.” Now, the women officers are joining the challenge!

In a video posted by Tampa Police Department, it starts off by showing 3 male officers and then a police car pulls up. The women officers start getting out of the car and one says “It’s not all about the guys!”

Tampa Police Department weren’t the only ones to feature women officers for the hot cop challenge. Coral Springs Police joined in by posting a photo of 5 of their female officers. The  posted a photo of 3 of their female officers and wrote “Lots of #hotcops sweltering as they help #HurricaneIrma victims, but these three deputies know hard work is not just for boys. #WeAreSCSO.” St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office joined the fun by posting a photo of 5 female officers wearing super hero shirts. 



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