List of Antifa Members Arrested at Ben Shapiro Event

Yesterday, Ben Shapiro spoke at an event at U.C. Berkeley. As usual, Antifa members showed up to protest free speech. Nine people were arrested. According to the Berkeley Police Department, those arrested were:

  • Rourke, Sarah, 44, San Francisco, BMC 13.45.020
  • Benjamin, Hannah, 20, Fremont, BMC 13.45.020, PC 243 (b)
  • Sullivan, Michael Paul, 29, Hayward. BMC 13.45.020
  • Celik, Kerim, 18, Saratoga, 415 PC
  • Gudino, Noe Gonzalez, 24, Richmond, CA 415 PC, 647(f) PC
  • Reyes, Miguel, 21, Colton, CA 148 PC
  • Cabanillas, Jorge, 20, Rialto, CA, 242 PC
  • Robinson, Eddy, 44, Oakland, BMC 13.45.020
  • Bauer, Darin, 45, Berkeley, 242 PC




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  1. One day they might even ‘arrest’ the “leaders” the ‘evils that be’ planted in the groups. That is, if the police aren’t told to ‘release him/her’ and destroy the evidence.

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