List of Looters Arrested in Fort Lauderdale FL

According to the Fort Lauderdale police department 19 people have been arrested for looting during hurricane Irma. 17 of those criminals names are listed below, along with their mugshots. Lets make them famous!

Kenneth Pinkney

Zara Dumornay

Tyrell Pratt

Teonhki Robinson

Michael Brown

Rossano Henry

Ryan Cook

Ricardo Dexter Rodrigo

Arthur Jerome Washington

Max Arvin Saintvil

Jerevonte Malik Bray

Lance Alexander Ford

Henrites Mareus

Isabel Pedraja

Denzel Washington Rolle

Maurice Levon Solomon

Romanye Jevon Brown

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  1. You notice they R all black!! Surprise they didn’t blame the Racist games. They should get jail time. All look to be gang members .Hope they enjoy their new Hope it’s was worth it.

    • And Why out of all things to say about the situation you had to call out the fact that they were all black!!! Im pretty sure everyone can see that

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