Clowns Protest ‘IT’ Movie

According to reports, a group of clowns in Canada are protesting the movie ‘IT’ over ‘negative clown stereotypes.’ The group, who calls themselves ‘Thunder Bay Clown Club’ claims the movie is ruining their business, and that some clowns have quit because of the negativity.

In a Facebook post the clowns wrote:

INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE – The Thunder Bay Clown Club is delighted to be receiving international coverage of our information session educating the public on the difference between professional clowning and “lipstick” clowns, people that dress as clowns who do not follow code of conduct or code of ethics of professional clowns, as well as the influence of the movie “IT” on the less enlightened who use the clown image in society for evil and not for good. The most recent coverage is the Haaretz newspaper in Israel. We are proud to be representing, and speaking on behalf of, professional clowns everywhere and are delighted our plight is being heard around the world. Hugz.

According to reports one clown said:

We feel that this has done great harm in the business of clowning and for clowns.  A number of clown clubs have actually folded due to the negativity surrounding it. You need to remember that clowns are people too.

Oh my goodness, what’s next? #ClownLivesMatter? Newsflash for you Thunder Clowns, many people have been terrified of clowns for years. This is nothing new. Some kids are more scared of you “happy” clowns than they are the “scary” clowns in movies. It’s a movie! Get over it!

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