Joy Villa Endorses Omar Navarro

Joy Villa has endorsed Omar Navarro for Congress. Omar is running in the 43rd Congressional District of California and will be taking the seat of Maxine Waters.

In a Facebook video with Joy and Omar, Joy says:

“About to knock Maxine Waters off her high throne. Game of thrones baby and this is the winner” as she points to Omar.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Joy posted a photo of her and Omar and wrote:

“I’m so PROUD to officially endorse my friend @RealOmarNavarro for CA Congress! 28 yrs old and ready to FIGHT Maxine “Dirty” Watters 

Today Joy posted another photo of her and Omar and wrote:

“Maxine “Dirty” Waters has GOT to go! We are reclaiming our STATE! I endorse @RealOmarNavarro for CA Congress! @RepMaxineWaters 

Author: Deplorable Kel

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