List of 13 People Arrested During Berkeley Event

Berkeley, CA On Aug. 27th Antifa members once again assaulted Trump supporters in Berkeley.  13 people have been arrested.

According to the Berkeley Police Department website:

“One officer was injured during an arrest and several officers were struck with paint. Six people were injured and treated by paramedics. Two of those individuals were transported to local hospitals for treatment.”

List of those arrested below:

Vasquez, Seth         25 year old male from Berkeley

Misohink, Mark        23 year old male from Berkeley

Dominic, James      23 year old male from Oakland

Wyrick, Kristopher   39 year old male from Alpine

Pankau, Harlan       38 year old male from Jamul

Smith, Levi              32 year old male from Sparks, NV

Hines, Sean            20 year old male from Santa Rosa

Moorman, Brittany  26 year old female from Oakland

Mendez, Yesenia    22 year old female, Unknown City

Gillespie, Emily       24 year old female from Berkeley

Dougan, Sean        47 year old male from Portland, OR

Moore, Rachel        40 year old female from Oakland

Phillips, Joshua      36 year old male from Oakland

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