Trump Supporters Crash Secret Meeting Held by Yvette Felarca and Antifa

Yvette Felarca, the organizer of BAMN, and her group of lil’ BAMN/Antifa thugs planned a secret meeting last week at UC Berkeley. Apparently it wasn’t so secret tho, because Trump supporters showed up to join the meeting. But of course, Felarca and her minions refused to let them in. Instead they yelled at the Trump supporters, called them names, and shoved them, as they demanded them to leave. In the end, the police were called.

Last month Troy Worden, the President of Berkeley College Republicans gave an open invitation to Berkeley Antifa to debate with a moderator of their choice. But of course, Antifa never responded.

These people refuse any type of conversation, any type of debate, they do not want to unite, the want to keep rioting in the streets, throwing fits, and attacking people.

Watch video below:

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