Obdulia Sanchez Makes Plans for Future from Jail

According to reports Obdulia Sanchez, the woman who killed her 14 year old sister after crashing, while driving drunk and live streaming on Instagram, has written a 4 page letter to a reporter.

According to reports, Sanchez wrote: “I made that video because I knew I had more than 5,000 followers. It was the only way my sister would get a decent burial. I would never expose my sister like that. I anticipated the public donating money because my family isn’t rich.” She went on to say “Sorry for making that video. I look awful but I accomplished my goal.”

Sanchez also wrote her future plans in the letter to the reporter. She wants to make an album, start a clothing line, open a boxing gym…are you f***ing kidding me!? I bet your little sister wanted TO LIVE!!! In fact, there’s video of Jacqueline begging Obdulia to stop driving crazy before the wreck happened. Jacqueline says “You’re gonna kill me.” But obviously Obdulia did not stop driving recklessly, and unfortunately her little sister lost her life.

Sanchez remains in jail, and faces up to 13 years and 8 months.







4 thoughts on “Obdulia Sanchez Makes Plans for Future from Jail

  1. Sooo…LITERALLY, within seconds of the crash that killed her sister, she had the presence of mind to make a video so people would donate money towards a funeral? Golly, too bad she didn’t start planning BEFORE the crash, because the video wouldn’t have been necessary if she had just…oh, I don’t know…maybe stopped the car BEFORE she killed anyone, because she was certainly in no condition to drive! Her failure to take responsibility and just, at least, apologize is one of the most troubling aspects of this whole situation. I would bet my life that she’s counting on some of those donations to go to her…after all, she’s the star, right??

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