La Grande Dry Cleaning: Trump Supporters NOT Welcome

La Grande, Oregon –¬†La Grande Dry Cleaning¬†posted a sign to their door saying “White supremacy is wrong. Trump Condones white supremacy. If you still support Trump, your business is NOT welcome here.” What the sign should read is “I’m an idiot and listen to fake news.”

You heard them Trump supporters, do NOT give them your business and spread the word, Trump supporters business is not wanted at La Grande Dry Cleaning.


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  1. I just heard the owner of La Grande Dry Cleaner interviewed on the radio.. I consider her a patriot and a hero. To have voted for Donald Trump can be excused as a lack of information on the part of the voter. To be a Trump supporter today is to be a against all that America has stood for.. Trump encourages racists and violent extremists, while he takes from the poor to give to the rich.
    Trump demonstrated total disrespect for his own wife and women, in general. He had sex with other women while his wife was pregnant and after she gave birth. He bragged, on video, of grabbing women be their crotches. He is a low-life and not in any way exemplary to the children of America.

    If you are at all aware and caring about democracy in America and support Trump, I too have no use for you.

    Jeffry Gottfried

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