Debunking CNN’s Attempt to Debunk Trump Supporters

A couple of days ago CNN published an article titled “These Trump supporters think Charlottesville was a false flag operation.” In this article Chris Cillizza attempted to debunk Trump Supporters who were earlier on the show. He also attempted to debunk their sources including an article I wrote.

Chris Cillizza wrote:

And the $25-an-hour rate showed up in posts like this one, which showed a screenshot of an unverified Craigslist ad for actors wanted in *Charlotte, North Carolina* — but with the headline: “Did Crowds on Demand bus rioters into Charlottesville, Virginia?”)

Let me ask you something, if people were BUSED in, would they be coming from the same town as the riot, or would they be bused in from out of town?

Here’s what my article article stated:

On August 7th Crowds on Demand posted a Craigslist ad looking for actors and photographers. The ad was posted in Charlotte, NC which is about 4 1/2 hours away from Charlottesville Virginia.

On August 12th riots broke out in Charlottesville Virginia, which resulted in 1 death, 19 injuries.

Many witnesses claim that protesters were bused in. If protesters were bused in, is it really that far fetched that the craigslist ad is connected to the riot? What are your thoughts on this?

As for the “unverified” Craigslist Ad, I linked the ad in my article, so obviously I verified it. It has since been removed from Craigslist. For CNN to claim my source was unverified, is pretty damn funny considering they make up straight up lies. Nothing burger anyone?

Nice attempt on trying to debunk me Chris Cillizza, but did you even read my article? Or are you purposely misleading people? It wouldn’t be your first time, I’m sure.

Not only did Cillizza try to mislead people on my article, but he also attempted to debunk a video done by Charles Patrick.

Charles uploaded more then one video on YouTube about the Charlottesville riot. One of his friends witnessed bus loads of people coming into Charlottesville and Charles interviewed her. Ready for the crazy part? The people getting off of the buses were wearing Antifa, BLM, KKK, and confederate flag clothing. There is no way in h*** that these different groups of people would be on the same bus together. Charles’s videos are just more proof that people were paid on both sides to cause chaos.

But of course, Chris Cillizza tried to pathetically debunk Charles by linking to the video where he is talking about what his friend told him. He fails to link they video of the interview Charles did with his friend who was actually in Charlottesville during the riot.

At the end of Cillizza’s article he pretty much says it’s “scary” how Trump supporters get their information. Do you want to know what’s scary Chris? The fact that your viewers (the few that you have left) believe the lies that you and others at CNN spread. It’s scary that your viewers can not research for themselves. It’s scary that you throw a headline out, but leave out the rest of the article to purposely mislead your viewers. It’s scary how much you people at CNN lie, Chris, that’s what’s scary.

After the article that mentioned Charles video and my article, CNN did another piece on Charles Patrick. This time, some woman reporter attempted to debunk Charles’s video. And once again, there was no mention of the interview with the woman who witnessed the riots. The reporter goes on to call Charles “some guy in a car” and tries to discredit him. I seen Charles’s videos before CNN attempted to debunk them. His videos and interview proved what I had suspected. Obviously CNN is getting nervous about honest people speaking out, as they should be.

Pretty lousy attempt at debunking real news, CNN. Maybe you should just stick to making sandwiches.

Here’s the video of Charles interviewing his friend. CNN might not want to show it, but I will gladly show you the truth.

Watch Charles’s response to CNN’s attempt to debunk him

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