Trump’s Black Ex Girlfriend: “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people.”

It seems the lefts favorite thing to call President Trump is racist. We’ve heard it over and over the last few years. But no one ever called him racist before he announced he was running for President.

In 2001 Donald Trump dated a half black woman. Would a racist date a mixed person? No, they would not. Trump and Kara Young dated for two years.

Kara Young told Inside Edition “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people.”



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  2. Anyone who states that someone is a racist, most probably is either one out right or an undercover racist

  3. The real Trump that lying morons of liberal media, and hateful Democrats in Washington prefer you never know about. Trump has NEVER said or done anything racist as a President, I will debate any that think he has. Imbeciles think he is only because Democrats and Liberal media have used that mantra from the first day Trump won, it is the same BS they accuse everyone of that disagrees with their politics or is a threat to their winning elections. In fact you too are a racist if you ever disagree with a democrat today. Protecting you country and citizens from illegal lawless morons is not racist in any way, slowing down and halting immigration from countries that harbor and train terrorists is not racist in any way, it is exactly what an American President is supposed to do, protect his country and his citizens.