Lynne Patton: “My boss has literally been disavowing these hate groups for over a year now.”

Lynne Patton took to Facebook to defend her boss, President Trump. In one post, she posted a video of President Trump disavowing the KKK and David Duke and added:

My boss has literally been disavowing these hate groups for over a year now. 🙄 By Name. That said, everyone knows damn well that even if he had called each of them all out again in his original speech (for the gazillionth time), the media & internet would still be condemning him with the same exact level of vitriol. 🙄 #CantWin#Hypocrites

In a separated post Lynne stated:

Make no mistake, there is zero tolerance for racism, hatred & bigotry. My boss is not defending white supremacists by any means & everyone knows it. He’s denounced these hate groups – by name – for years & did so again even yesterday. However, anyone with a television set & two eyeballs also knows that there was violence on both sides – a fact even supported by the New York Times. That’s it.That’s all. For the mainstream media to try to paint the “protesters of today” with the same passive resistance brush of our brave civil rights predecessors is just plain disingenuous & wrong. At the end of the day, my boss has always been brutally honest. And yes, his delivery could be better. Maybe that’s the problem. But arguably, his candidness is the reason why the American people chose him over a career politician. 🇺🇸 #Facts#Charlottesville

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