Fresno Country Republican Party Invites Sheriff Joe Arpaio to 2nd Amendment BBQ

The Republican Party in Fresno, CA has invited Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the annual 2nd Amendment BBQ on Saturday, Sept. 29th.

On the event page on Facebook, it states:

Sheriff Joe is coming to Fresno!

The Fresno County Republican Party (FCRP) would like to invite you to the third annual 2nd Amendment Barbecue to hear Sheriff Joe Arpaio, FCRP’s guest speaker. The FCRP hosts this event annually to honor those in the military and law enforcement who protect Fresnans at home and abroad.

The first barbecue honored Kris Paronto of Benghazi fame. The second dinner theme was “Blue Lives Matter” with guest speaker, Larry Elder, who assisted Fresno in acknowledging dozens of local law enforcement officers. 

This year FCRP is proud to have former Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona. Sheriff Joe is a no-nonsense law and order leader, a veteran and a patriotic American. Although he has been maligned by the left, he still stands strong, and FCRP is excited to welcome him to this event.

FCRP invites you to attend and help recognize this brave law enforcement officer who has served his Country well!

Since the announcement people have begun plans to protest. According to an event on Facebook, posted by Fresno Resistance people are calling the Republican Party demanding that Sheriff Joe be uninvited. They will also be protesting in the streets when Sheriff Joe arrives.

Maybe Fresno PD will have some pretty pink boxers awaiting the protesters in jail.

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