Yvette Felarca Demands Charges Be Dropped

Yvette Felarca, middle school teacher and organizer of BAMN (by all means necessary) appeared in court Thursday. Felarca was arrested last month for an incident that happened in June 2016. Yvette Felarca and her minions attacked several people during a rally at the capitol in which they were protesting. During this time multiple people were stabbed. It was clear Yvette Felarca organized this event, as she has many other violent protests since.

Thursday Felarca appeared in court. Felarca is demanding that her charges be dropped. Her lawyers claim it was self defense, even though there’s more then one video showing her assaulting people for no reason. Her lawyers are also blaming the police now.

Felarca will appear in court again on Oct. 4.





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  1. “The district has catalogued a long list of… possible grounds for [Felarca’s] dismissal dating back to 2009….” Recently district residents have stepped up calls and letters calling on the school district to fire her, and a petition with 10,000 signatures was submitted in early 2017.

    But apparently she can’t be fired unless convicted of a felony. Fingers crossed that the justice system does its job!

    (Sources: Berkeleyside 2/16/17 with linked petition; sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com 8/10/17)

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