Obdulia Sanchez’s Snapchat From Day Of Fatal Wreck (Video)

Obdulia Sanchez is the 18 year old woman who was driving under the influence, live streaming on Instagram when she wrecked killing her 14 year old sister. Instead of calling for help, Obdulia continued to live stream showing her sisters dead body.

When police arrived Obdulia was hostile towards them, yelling, spitting, and even attempted to kick a paramedic in the face.

Obdulia has pleaded not guilty, and the judge has denied her lawyers request to reduce bail. Obdulia could face up to 13 years and 8 months in prison. But is this enough?

Since the fatal wreck more and more videos are coming out that make me wonder what Obdulia’s intentions were in the first place.

We’ve all seen the video of the wreck, but have you watched the unedited version? It is very disturbing to watch, but if you have the stomach for it, watch towards the end. Many people, myself included notice Obdulia plugging Jacqueline’s nose as she lay bloody on the ground.

In another video from the same day, but before the wreck Jacqueline is begging her sister to stop driving crazy and says “You’re gonna kill me!”

And now another video has surfaced. Video of Obdulia’s Snapchat from the day of the wreck. Watch below as Obdulia drives with a Corona in hand, and too full of herself to give a damn about her sister’s life.







2 responses to “Obdulia Sanchez’s Snapchat From Day Of Fatal Wreck (Video)

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