Michelle Carter Requests To Go Out Of State For Vacation

Michelle Carter and family have requested the judge to allow Carter to go on vacation out of state for her 21st birthday. This request comes a week after Carter was sentenced to 15 months for the death of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy. During sentencing, shockingly the judge granted a request for Carter to remain free pending appeals.

In the summer of 2014 Michelle Carter played out a sick, evil plan to gain attention, and she took the life of a vulnerable young man to do it. Carter sent text after texts urging Conrad to kill himself, even telling him when, where and how to do it. Every time Conrad had doubts (which was often) Carter reassured him it was the right thing to do. She was persistent and determined. As if this isn’t bad enough, on the day Conrad died, he got out of the truck filled with carbon monoxide and called Michelle. Michelle screamed at Conrad to get back in the “f***ing truck.” Carter stayed on the phone as he died, and for 20 minuets after. She never called for help, she never told where his body was. Instead she let Conrad’s family think he was missing. After it was discovered that Conrad was gone, Carter attempted to play the part of the “grieving girlfriend.”

While Michelle was awaiting sentencing she remained out on bail. During that time Carter went to Disney Land, she attended her high school prom, she was even seen going tanning days after the guilty verdict was read. On Aug. 3rd Cater was slapped on the wrist with a 2 1/2 year prison sentence, with only 15 months having to be served and allowed to remain free pending appeals. But it doesn’t end there. Now Carter and her family have the nerve to request to go on vacation for her 21st birthday. Conrad will never see his 21st birthday because his life was taken by an evil little b****! Carter has never showed one bit of remorse and is able to remain free to live her life, after taking another’s. Talk about a f***ed up justice system!

Carter, I don’t know why you got such a light sentence, maybe it’s because you’re female, maybe because your parents have money, maybe it’s because you’re young, or maybe it’s all of the above. I’ll tell you this though, you will have to answer to GOD one day, and he don’t care about your sex, money, or age.





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