Man Mocks Ashley Judd….And It’s Hilarious!

A few days ago Ashley Judd live streamed from the airport, throwing a fit because a man called her “Sweetheart” and complimented her on her dress. Watch below as one man reenacts Ashley’s pathetic little meltdown:


6 thoughts on “Man Mocks Ashley Judd….And It’s Hilarious!

  1. That guys that spoke those awful things to Ashley needs to be summarily shot at daylight. And I don’t know if that is not punishment enough for that low life. Ashley is a couyon like we say here on da bayou. lol Koo Koo


  2. [At the airport]- Women get over yourselves! Big Fing deal you were called Sweetheart. It was not like the man was standing there thinking ” Man I would stick that little Sweetheart good!” No, it was just a word of endearment that if you taped the man he probably calls all women Sweetheart. This women’s lib shet has gotten so out of line. Guess what you ugly stupid women, (inside, maybe not in looks outside) these men are NOT LUSTING after you, it is all in your head!


  3. True! When you’re use to say ” Sweetheart,” dear” you use that outside. I call everybody dear. Is that bad??? For me -that is being nice. It does not mean – Sweetheart or dear is bad.


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