Ashley Judd Attempts To Get Man Fired For Calling Her Sweetheart (Video)

Ashley Judd has once again made a fool out of herself. Judd live streamed on Facebook from an airport, throwing a fit because a gentlemen called her “sweetheart.” Yes, I’m serious! She says this is the type of sexism she deals with every day and proceeds to try to get the man fired by complaining to his manager.

See Judd’s video posts below:



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  1. Oh my Lord!! Are you kidding me? She acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and so sticky sweet. What a loser making mountains out of molehills. I work in a service industry as well and call people sweetheart all the time. If someone’s attire strikes a chord with me, I will compliment that person’s attire. I do not do it often. So it could appear, to a person who is full of themselves, that I am singling them out by not complimenting everyone on their clothing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, I actually compliment people who are jerks just to throw them off kilter. Because those are the people most in need of love and attention.

  2. Hi Sweetheart! I’m sure you really had on a beautiful dress along with matching shoes.
    I do believe itvwas only a termmof endearment and/or affection towards your quickly ending career. You chose your career, so get over it!
    God bless you SWEETHEART! We all pray for you!

  3. Did she ever consider that maybe just maybe he was “starstruck”? Ashley it’s not for that fact that you are a female it’s because you’re famous! Get over yourself! You signed up for the extra attention when you decided to become an actress.

  4. Maybe, the next stranger comment will be, “Hi slut”. I have answered women young and old as “sweetheart” or sometimes “Sweetie”. Never had a reject. And, as far as I know, ome have ever considered it a cheap pick-up word or insulting. This over-rated clown believes her own bowl-movement smells like sweet cocoa. This is why her spine is twisted like her mind.

  5. Old has been. Do you really believe this agenda you put yourself out there for? You really do give women a bad name, you especially give feminism an even worse name. When the looks fade and you have little intelligence to offer- Just go away!

  6. Question for the men – would you be okay with me touching you, calling you sweetheart, and complimenting your clothes?

  7. The title of this post is What is wrong here! Never once did she state that she wanted him fired. Setting boundaries is completely acceptable and calling someone a sweet heart especially in an airport where so many people from so many backgrounds frequent, is unwise. She’s right and you can obviously tell that she is not traumatized from it of course, she just knows what is right and wrong and wants to help for the next woman. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Ashley Judd is a nasty(she said it) scorned woman that’s turned in to a man hater!! Her ex husband (Dario Franchitti) did the right thing and left her in the dust!! I use to really like her!! What the heck was I thinking? She really is a nasty bitch!! Skank of Hollywood!!!!

  9. The title is false. She did not attempt to get him fired. She asked to have the employee talked to, and that’s what happened. It is very unprofessional and the unwanted touching is problematic.

  10. How about you go fuck yourself sweetheart! Those words are called compliments. If you are offended by them then that’s your problem. Not that of that man doing his job. If you raised suspicion or pissed them off then you getting “touched” is again your fault. Don’t play victim to those to treat you kindly. There are less and less people that like you every time you open your mouth. Perhaps it’s time for you end your washed up acting career and retire. And keep your bullshit snowflake comments to yourself.

  11. You are a super louse, you give women the worst title ever, you are a dam disgrace! You think you are so superb that people bow to you. You are a real piece of shit!

  12. If your not a sweetheart, then your a Bitch… And, I can’t believe you called it a “Doohicky” what nerve you have. And, then you touched his boss.. Yikes, what’s this world coming too… This guy was just being nice to you… And you ruined his day… You can bet he’s not your fan anymore… Neither am I… goodbye…

  13. I never ever allowed dumb ass males to address my girlfriend then wife as anything but ma’am or miss or Mrs. Anything else and I beat them up or had them fired. They have no right.

  14. What’s the matter?? Is it MAYBE because you are no longer a player in Hollywood?? or maybe since you AREN’T getting any roles and you still crave the lime light you posted this as a way to be relevant. I too would love to hear the other side of the story. You sorry excuse for a woman.

  15. one day you will miss the recognition you still barely getโ€ฆyou are a conceited bitch. Yes, you are looking for trouble and controversy. I hope you like being in the same company as Madonna. I used to be a fan, but never again. You’re not very bright.

  16. He should have called you a ” low life bitch ” ….. I am willing to bet that manager “kissed ” your privileged ass ……. so as not to bring he wrath of the “Pussies ” down on the airport …… PS ….you accept “Madam”

  17. Another so called “star” that thinks she is above others. This politically correct BS has got to stop.These people remind me every day why Donald Trump is president.

  18. He obviously didn’t know that you prefer to be called Nasty Woman, which is what most people refer to you as. You should be thrilled that anyone should speak to you at all in this Country instead of spit in your face.

  19. Judd, you are looking for trouble. Any little scrap of human interaction that you can be offended by, you put your energy into that by making some insidious statement and complaining. And she’s insulted by a compliment of dress when that and her makeup is what she sells. Come on! None of it means anything because what comes from her mouth, we all have heard it, is trash!!!

  20. The man was totally wrong! She is certainly not a sweetheart; she is a nasty woman. She just proves the old saying that, “beauty is only skin deep. Nasty goes all the way to the core”!

  21. You have TRULY lost what little bit of mind God gave you!? You WERE A BRILLIANT ACTRESS and now i woukdnt pay a oenny to see you as many wont. Its ok to have your opinions …that’s these *opinions* is not God Given…’s strictly you using that fame you worked so hard for, but then get irate when complemented or spoke to in a manner YOU think is inappropriate??,

    Please don’t come to Texas, they will have to drag you away medicated after all the *nicities* and *Hugs…yes touching strangers sometimes…appropriately! !* or sweetheart,sweetie,darling,mam, honey etccccccc are said to you.

    As a female from Texas, Sweetie……get it together honey….you have FAR more things to be offended by.than an employee (probably WAS a Fan) enamored with you and showing you hospitality. So do you consider a pat on the shoulder or back and thing bad? I dont….many dont! There’s a pig in every group and a Crazy liberal Actor/ Actrezs in the next!!! I’m sure you feel you are right , by some inter-defining moment, but honey…… gotta relax….REALLY with all sencerity I have with in me……CHILL THE HELL OUT AND YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME ! NAMASTE …….NAMASTE

  22. You need to go into hiding yourself. You have really showed what kind of person you truly are. Hate you have gotten so messed up๐Ÿ™๐ŸปPraying for you to straighten up and let God take your life over again!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€

  23. You Ashley are truly a piece of work. Maybe the guy was being kind. maybe he was that way because he say an important movie star for the first time. Who knows but in know way is that “sexism” and I highly doubt he……….”touched you” bumped, brushed, maybe, but knowing your first fb live encounter, Im convinced you were eager to continue your limelight of insanity, as you did so well at the “march” Shame on you!!!! I no longer trust or believe you as well as Millions of Americans. I would love to hear the other persons side of this “story”

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