60 Minutes Australia Exposes Pedophile Ring Involving “Highest Office Holders in the Land”

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In July 2015, 60 Minutes Australia aired an episode called “Spies, Lords & Predators.” During this episode a pedophile ring involving the “highest office holders in the land” was exposed. The reporter spoke to past victims, who spoke in detail about what they went through. Of course, this was not aired in the United States and has rarely been talked about.

In the beginning of the show, the reporter says:

“Without question the biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced will be exposed tonight. It involves a secret network of the highest office holders in the land. Past and current members of parliament, Cabinet Ministers, Judges, Diplomats, even one of the country’s top Spies. These men are accused of some of the most sadistic child sexual abuse imaginable on hundreds of victims some as young as 8. More confronting still are claims that children were killed in order to protect this network of predators, including one boy whose father worked at the Australian High Commission in London. For over 40 years, the evil child-predators acted with complete impunity, hiding behind the facade of respectability, but no longer. They were children, often the most vulnerable, placed in the care of the state only to be betrayed, systematically trafficked to the most powerful men in the land….”

Watch the full video below:

’60 Minutes’ Australia report on VIP pedophile network in UK and Australia