White Woman Transitions to “Black” Woman

Martina Big is a white woman who claims she has transitioned to a black woman….Rachel Dolezal, WHAT HAVE YOU STARTED!?

Big has taken it even a step further than Dolezal, and is getting tanning injections.

According to Martina’s website she is a model and enjoys singing and dancing. She says she’s not a usual model…Aint that the truth….On her site she states:

“I’m not a usual model. As my name says, I do things in a big way 🙂 In recent years, I have fulfilled my lifelong dream. I have changed my appearance dramatically, literally from head to toe. The most striking change happened to my breasts. The special thing: I can enlarge my breasts, without further surgery. Currently I wear the British bra size 32 (70) S. This corresponds to size 32 (70) DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Recently I proved in a TV show that I have the BIGGEST CONFIRMED BREAST IN EUROPE. But that’s not enough for me yet! My motto is: BIG IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!

Middle of January 2017 I had a medical procedure witch changed my appearance fundamental. First my skin goes darker. Then my hair, my eyes and my eyebrows darkened. Then I noticed that my completely body changed from a Caucasian to a Black woman. Therefore I went in July 2017 to the government and changed my ethnicity official to “Black”. Consequently got a new passport and ID card. I like my new African look very much 🙂 Therefore, I will support my body in the further transformation. I will also change my facial features to African and enlarge my buttocks.”

What do you think about Martina’s transition? I personally think she has a few screws lose, and should seek help.

See some of Martina’s social media posts below



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