Mother of Conrad Roy Files Lawsuit Against Michelle Carter

Mother of Conrad Roy Files Lawsuit Against Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter, the 18 year old woman who urged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy to kill himself is being sued by Conrad’s mother, Lynn Roy. According to reports, Roy has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Michelle Carter for $4.2 million.

In July of 2014 Michelle Carter talked Conrad into killing himself. 1000’s of texts were sent by Michelle over several weeks, in which she encouraged Conrad to kill himself and told him his family would be better off. Carter even told Conrad where, when and how to do it. As Conrad sat in a truck filled with carbon monoxide, he got out and called Carter. Carter demanded that he get back in the “f***ing truck.” Carter stayed on the phone for 20 minuets after Conrad died. After his death she pretended to believe he was missing and tried to befriend his family.

In June of 2016 Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

On August 3rd Michelle Carter was sentenced to 2 1/2 years, only having to serve 15 months. But the judge also granted the request that she remain free pending appeal. If Carter wins her appeal, she will not serve a day in jail.

Text messages from the day Conrad died

Full story and verdict


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