Michelle Carter Sentenced (Video)

Michelle Carter Sentenced

Michelle Carter, the 18 year old woman who talked her boyfriend Conrad Roy into killing himself was sentenced today. The judge sentenced Carter to 2 1/2 years in prison, with only 15 months to be served, followed by five years of probation. Carter will remain free pending appeal.

I think this is a huge mistake on the judge’s part. A life was lost because of Carter’s heartless actions. Carter not only talked Conrad into killing himself, but she told him how, when and where to do it. He got out of the truck as it filled with carbon monoxide, and called Carter, she screamed at him to get back in the “f***ing truck.” She was on the phone while he died, and stayed on the phone for 20 minuets after he was gone. After his death, Carter pretended to know nothing. She let his family believe he was missing, while all a long she knew exactly where his body was. This sick evil lil’ girl listened to the boy she claimed to love, die and did not care! I fear it’s only a matter of time before Carter strikes again. After all she pretty much got away with it this time, what would stop her from doing it again?

If you have not read the full story on this case, you can do so here

Texts between Michelle and Conrad from the day he died

What are your thoughts? Do you think Michelle’s sentence is fair? Or should she have got the max, 20 years?

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