NRA Responds to Hillary’s New Book Title, “What Happened”

Recently Hillary Clinton announced the name of her new book, “What Happened.” Many people on the internet have responded with their thoughts on Hillary’s new book title….but what Grant Stinchfield says is beyond perfect!

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube Mr. Stinchfield says:

“Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed the name of her upcoming book.  She’s calling her latest rewrite of history “What Happened.”Let me spare everyone the wait to find out what happened. Let me save you the anguish of having to read about the Russians, the FBI, the sexism, the unfair treatment by the media and every other excuse America’s biggest loser will come up with. And Hillary, since you still can’t figure it out, let me educate you on exactly what happened.As Secretary of State, you slept through the night as Americans were trapped and outnumbered by Islamic terrorists at the Benghazi consulate for 13 hours. Four brave Americans were murdered by terrorists because you couldn’t even pick up the phone when they called for help. What happened… you blamed their deaths on a movie and then lied to their grieving parents… What happened… you couldn’t even say the words radical Islamic terrorism. What happened Hillary is that you pretended to be a champion for women, but as First Lady, you personally destroyed the women your husband took advantage of, including a 21-year-old intern… Bill used her. You destroyed her. What happened… you put this entire country in danger, by putting highly sensitive information on an unsecure server.What happened Hillary is that you obstructed justice by wiping more than 30,000 of your emails and then got away with it after your husband’s secret meeting with Loretta Lynch. What happened was, you lied and cheated and used your friends in the Democratic party to defeat Bernie Sanders… you rigged the system… and it ticked most Americans off.Then you called Trump supporters deplorable… you alienated half the country…What happened is that people saw through your collusion with the mainstream media. What happened Hillary is that you came after gun owners and the NRA. You thought it was just fine for you to have armed security, you thought we didn’t deserve the same protection that you, your husband and your daughter have had for three decades. You thought it was ok to wage war on gun owners at a time when Donald Trump vowed to defend the Second Amendment. And we rallied around him. Hillary Clinton, you got lazy. You felt entitled. What happened? You didn’t bother visiting Wisconsin, or Michigan, or Pennsylvania. Instead, you awkwardly danced at rap concerts and courted Katy Perry. You really thought her fans would show up to vote? They didn’t Hillary… here’s what happened. You thought we, the American people, owed you the White House. You looked down at us like servants, who were expected to take a knee at your coronation. You thought your decades of corruption, lies and collusion would never catch up to you. But on November 8th it all did. That’s when freedom loving Americans rose-up and said no more. When gun owners showed up in droves at the polls to defeat your tyranny, by electing Donald Trump as our president.This country sent a collective message: We’ve had enough of the failed establishment in Washington. we will no longer tolerate the Clinton crimes, lies and deceit. Our country is better than Hillary Clinton. Listen to me clearly… that’s what happened… it took me a few minutes to lay it out… it takes you 100s of pages of bogus excuses…Donald Trump beat you because America was hungry for an unfiltered, unbought outsider. Hillary – I suggest you take notes and go back into hiding.”

See video below:

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