Muslim Woman Running for District 3 Commissioner in Orlando, Florida

Asima Azam, a muslim woman is running for District 3 Commissioner in the City of Orlando, Florida.  Azam’s parents came to America from Pakistan. Azam is married to Dr. Moeed Azam.

According to reports Azam has said “I did not decide to run to be the first Muslim elected to an Orlando city council seat, but if my candidacy inspires other Muslims to engage and invest in the city we call home then that makes me proud”

Orlando Rising did an interview with Azam where they asked her about her faith. See below:

Orlando Rising: Your father emigrated from Pakistan and you were raised in the Muslim faith. How has your faith helped shape your values and principles?

Asima Azam: Much has been made of my faith and ethnicity in this campaign. Of all the issues facing our district right now though, my religion doesn’t strike me as particularly relevant or important to the race. I am committed to running an issue-based campaign aimed at bringing down the increasing crime rate, insuring we grow mindfully, and finding solutions to issues like traffic congestion, which negatively impacts our quality of life.

All of that aside, I will tell you my faith, like many faiths, requires me to act with honesty and integrity. I am committed to treating people with respect regardless of their faith. Those principles not only guide my leadership but also guide my campaign.


If you are unfamiliar with the word Taqiya, I suggest you look it up.

The election will be held on Nov. 7


UPDATE: Asima Azam was defeated in the election.


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