Somali Refugee Running for City Council in Boston

Deeqo Jibril, a muslim refugee from Somalia is a candidate for District 7 representative on the Boston City Council in Massachusetts. Deeqo is not supportive of President Trump or his Travel Ban, and she has no problem speaking out against our President to show it.

According to Ballotpedia Deeqo is the owner of an African market, and founder of the Somali Community & Cultural Association. She was also a community outreach organizer for the campaign of Elizabeth Warren in 2012.

Deeqo’s bio on Twitter says “Boston City Council Candidate D7. Blessed mom humanitarian & ardent activist of social justice. Focused on enabling immigrants. my life’s purpose 2give & 2grow.”

According to Deeqo’s website she is an advocate for Immigrants.  Her site says: “Deeqo has spent her life working with immigrants to improve their quality of life. Deeqo has served as a translator for Somalis at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and for breast cancer awareness, receiving a grant to educate African women on breast cancer and mammography services from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She has helped educate new voters through MassVote, personally enrolling over 1,500 new citizens. In order to include the community in Muslim traditions, Deeqo has organized some of Boston’s first Iftars, including one at Boston City Hall that has become an annual occurrence.”

Her site also says: “Deeqo is best known for the work she has done to unify her community and the city of Boston. Deeqo has built bridges between the Somali, Muslim, and law enforcement communities in Boston, including beginning the first Somali youth police academy in Boston, creating internships with the Boston Police Department for at-risk youths, and crafting anti-radicalization services for Somali and Muslim youths and the BPD. She has also worked to secure affordable housing for community members with both ABCD and Urban Edge. Deeqo has also represented the community she so proudly is a member of, both as a member of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee and as a Democratic delegate for Ward 12 of District 7”

The primary election is on September 26, 2017

















UPDATE: Jibril was defeated in the primary election on September 26, 2017

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