Kayvan Khalatbari, Denver Mayoral Candidate is Anti Trump, Anti Police and Pro Drugs

Kayvan Khalatbari is a 2019 mayoral candidate in Denver, Colorado. According to Wikipedia “Kayvan Khalatbari (Kayvan Soorena Tyler Khalatbari-Limaki) is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, advocate, and 2019 mayoral candidate in Denver, Colorado. He is co-founder and partner of several successful businesses including a Denver-based pizza chain, a free arts magazine, a cannabis consulting company, and the longest continually operated cannabis company in Denver prior to the sale of its licenses to country music legend Willie Nelson and Terrapin Care Station. He also co-founder and partner in Sexpot Comedy, a burgeoning comedy collective.”

Wikipedia also says one of his priorities is establishing Denver as a sanctuary city.

Khalatbari ran for City Council in 2015. According to Wikipedia: “In January 2015, Khalatbari announced that he would enter the Denver City Council race as an At-Large candidate. His platform included initiatives in the cannabis and hemp industries; law enforcement reform; children’s services; and affordable housing. The election was held May 5, 2015 and he came in fifth place.”

Khalatbari owns a pizza place called Sexy Pizza and is co-founder of Sexpot Comedy.

On Khalatbari’s Twitter profile, his bio says:

“Sexpot Comedy, Sexy Pizza, Denver Relief, Denver Relief Consulting, Birdy Magazine, Cresco Labs, Silver Sage Wellness, Denver City Council Candidate, etc.”

From viewing Khalatbari’s social media accounts, it is clear he is anti Trump, disrespects the American Flag, smokes weed, is anti police, and is into very strange “art.” See for yourself below


Update: Since publishing this article Mr. Khalatbari has deleted some of his social media posts. Luckily a couple of screenshots were saved first.












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