Naked Man Allegedly Chopped Off Penis Before Rushing at Police (video)

A video that was recorded July 24 shows a Chicago man who is clearly on drugs, naked, and bleeding from his crotch area yelling at people and going crazy. Reportedly the man cut off his own penis and then walked up and down the street, still naked, breaking windows. This happened next to a school while children were present.

The man in the video is seen yelling at the men recording as the police arrive. The man recording tells the naked man to calm down. Instead, the naked guy charged at a woman police officer. As this was happening, the man recording was yelling to the officer to shoot him. The police officer pulled out her taser and tased the naked man. Another police officer arrived and as he was walking up, the naked man attempted to get up and was tased again.

The man was taking to the hospital.

See video below:

WATCH: Naked Man Allegedly Chops Off Own Penis & Charges Chicago Police

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