Lena Dunham’s Cousin Arrested

Lena Dunham posted to Instagram to let the world know her cousin was arrested during a protest. Lena also mentions that to be “locked up for her beliefs” has always been on her cousin’s bucket list. I’m glad she got her wish, maybe Lena can follow in her footsteps.

See Instagram post below

“My cousin is a Christian Pastor who was arrested this week for civil disobedience on her capital steps, where she was expressing her disappointment in Connecticut state budget cuts. She sent this meme to me along with news of her arrest, saying that being locked up for her beliefs had always been on her “bucket list.” She is 68 years old. Today I channel the power of the women in my family- Jewish and Christian, cis and trans, mothers and children- and say NO to Trumpcare and to ALL efforts to compromise the humanity of the American people. #ohcrapshesup.

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