Muslim Rap Group Attempts to Glamorize the Hijab

A muslim “rap” group in Canada, named “Deen Squad” has came out with a song called “Cover Girl.” This video is obviously an attempt to glamorize islam and the hijab.

In the bio of Deen Squads YouTube channel it states:

“Our aim is to empower, educate and inspire the youth through our music.”

So in other words there aim is to brainwash people into thinking islam is something good. There is nothing glamorous about islam nor the hijab. If you do not already know that, please read here and educate yourself.

See the video below:

2 thoughts on “Muslim Rap Group Attempts to Glamorize the Hijab”

  1. That’s kinda like selling a nickel sized burger and a half pounder. It’s all different after you’re in.

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