Men Respond To Lena Dunham Saying She Will Not Have Sex with Trump Supporters…And It’s Hilarious!

Milo Yiannopoulos posted video with photos of Lena Dunham with the caption “Lena Dunham Says She Won’t Have Sex With Trump Supporters” and the responses are hilarious!

See some of the comments below:

“As part of the straight community and also not a Trump supporter we unfortunately decline Lena Dunham offer to only sleep with non-trump supporters as we find it as cruel and unusual punishment on our part so we pass her on to the Lgbt community”

“On behalf of the Asian community who happen to be Trump supporters, I would like to say thank you for making that decision…”

“She has a bigger gut than me and I was alcoholic. Who would want to have sex with that either. I may need to start supporting Trump”

“I’d rather masturbate with a cheese grater using rubbing alcohol for lube than fuck Lena Dunham. I’m not a Trump supporter by the way. Just anti-democrat. Also known as anti-idiot.”

“On behalf of all (nontrump supporting) Libertarians, we feel her sexual preferences may come into conflict with the NAP, and must humbly decline her as a potential bedfellow.”

“Wait, wait, wait…..That implies she DOES have sex. Alright, who’s the dumb sumbitch that was THAT desperate? Turn in your man card now, no questions asked.”

“Lena Dunham is filthy white trash that wears underwear with dick holes in them. Most men in prison wouldn’t want to fuck her. She is liberal filth garbage. That is all”

“She couldn’t get laid in a male prison with a pussy full of pardons.”

“On behalf on all trump supporters. We support your choice in not interacting with us. However it was not needed for you to announce it because no trump supporter would ever go for you. We have more attentive girls on our side. I hope you don’t need to go to a safe zone”

“I wouldn’t touch her with a stolen liberal dick!”

“Her sister can now use Trump to keep this hag away from her.”

“On behalf of all Trump supporters, thank you for sparing us from the agony!!!!”

“Do you mean to tell me I bought that case of Anti-Lena Dunham Spray for nothing?!”

“Who would even want to have sex with her anyways?? I thought bestiality was illegal…unless I missed something in the last couple of years??”

“Well that’s works perfectly, because trump supporters generally don’t like sex with whales 🐳”

“You know that warning for ED drugs that says “If you have an erection lasting more than four hours, seek medical help.”? That photo of her showing her gut and her nasty arm pits is what the docs use to deflate medically induced boners.”

“I’d rather marinate my balls in BBQ sauce and run through Rosie O’Donnell’s house at dinner time than have sex with this train wreck of a human being.”

“Who would wanna fuck her anyways😐🤢? She looks like the chick at truck stop knocking on truckers doors at 1am for $20 fuck.”

“Thank God. But someone should inform her that Trump supporters have better taste that her. We prefer our woman attractive, conservative, modest, intelligent as well as sexy. Not some freaked out half-boy looking scrub that looks like someone beat her with a bag of dicks.”

“I speak on behalf of the human race when I say thank you, from this point forward please consider all breathing humans as trump supporters and don’t put anyone through that type of torture…”

“You ever walk though a public place, see a woman with kids and think “oh my god, someone actually put their penis in that woman. Some poor bastard was so desperate he had sex with that. Lena Dunham is a good example of that type of woman.”

“Her sister has been seen wearing a make America great again hat on. Weird. ……”

“Well, that’s a relief. But damn she must think really highly of herself. I wouldn’t stick my dick in her if it literally would prevent me from dying. I have some standards, she does not meet any of them.”

“It’s probably more realistic to say trump supporters won’t go out of their way, at their most drunk, to sleep with that…beer goggles can’t hide that much ugliness…and I don’t just mean body and face!”



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  1. The ISIS was looking for a sex sub just in case they can’t find any goats. Lena Dunham, a group you might want to consider, more like your type.

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