Editorial Director of Teen Vogue Says Gen Z Will be Queerest Generation


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Yesterday I published an article about Teen Vogue magazine publishing articles that encourage children to have sex, anal sex, and “queer sex.” The articles are very disturbing, and go as far to tell young boys to finger their butt holes and to buy butt-plugs.

Many parents are outraged and wondering why adults would publish such things for children to read. Today I decided to go to the Digital Editorial Director’s Twitter page to see if he had made a statement.  There were a series of tweets regarding the anal sex article, one saying “Gen Z will be our queerest and most fearless generation yet.” At the end of his statement on TwitterPhillip Picadi tweeted a photo of he and his boyfriend kissing, as he’s flipping off the camera and writes “here’s my only reply I’ll be giving to any of the messages.”

See Tweets here


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