Idiot Who Burned the American Flag Faces Termination From Walmart

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Facebook/Bryton Mellott

For the last two Independence Days Bryton Mellott from Urbana Illinois, has went out of his way to disrespect the American Flag, our Country and our Soldiers. In 2016 Mellott posted a photo of himself burning the American Flag. People were outraged and shortly after, Mellott was arrested but later released with no charges. In 2017, Mellott got a group of friends together and once again burned the American Flag. This time tho, they also included a threatening message to our President, a doll that looks like President Trump, bloodied with something through his heart.

As I explained in this article Mellott also has posts on Facebook saying he wanted to cause a wreck because the other vehicle had an American Flag on it. He also has up posts where he disrespects police officers.

In my previous article I also mentioned that Mellott works at Walmart. Many people questioned if Bryton should be working around customers. Which is understandable. If he has urges to cause wrecks over an American Flag what could he do to a customer wearing an American Flag shirt? Well, we might not have to worry about that much longer. In a Facebook post made by Mellott on July 13th, he says he may be getting fired over the incident. See Mellott’s post below:

“So I’ve seen this coming for quite a while now but Walmart is finally retaliating against me.

Before my most recent 4th post, I had a meeting with my manager about the measures I would take to ensure that Walmart didn’t get dragged into a mess of harassment again. This is not something I have ever wanted for my workplace or friends and coworkers, and I suggested making a disclaimer that my views didn’t represent Walmart and possibly removing my employment from my timeline. My manager said “I don’t think you need to go that far” and we left it at that.

Three times afterward my manager has called me into his office to request that I remove my employment information. Three times, I’ve informed him that I am having difficulty removing it outright, but that I was recently able to update my information to accurately reflect my current position as not being a department manager.

Today I was called into the office and I was reprimanded (coached) for insubordination. I was given the option to remove this information within the next 24 hours or face termination. The coaching describes that I am causing undue hardship on day to day business by publicly remaining employed through Walmart.

I’m making this post to help myself process things, but also to ask for assistance in any form my community may be able to provide. We can ignore for a moment the fact that my disagreeable “views” are always in the interest of equitable treatment for people of minority status, and in fighting the violence perpetrated against them. We can also ignore that any functioning workplace would do well to encourage the safe and equitable treatment of its workers regardless of race/gender identity/orientation/status.

In fact, I love my workplace specifically *BECAUSE* it has done such an excellent job at promoting inclusion and shutting down discrimination. I have worked (and still do work) with openly gay, trans, and non-binary associates. I perform my job in synchrony with people from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds and from a wide range of ability. I love them, and I like to think that most of them love me (or at least are professional enough to tolerate me).

I guess ultimately, I am making this post because… I’m not ready to go. By any means.

I’m making this post because I’m proud of the fact that I work at the Savoy Walmart, and I want everyone to know that in a sea of potentially hostile work environments, the Savoy Walmart remains a shining example of the good that comes from striving for inclusion and creating a safe environment where workers feel valued.

Ignoring the fact that I have already attempted to comply several times; to request that I hide or cover up this fact about myself in the first place feels at best stifling, and at worst egregiously unprofessional.”

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