The Wrong Woman is Getting Blamed for Peeing on the American Flag

On Independence Day a disgusting woman from Pennsylvania posted a video of her peeing on the American Flag to social media. The video quickly went viral. The woman goes by the name Emily Lance on social media but I believe her real name is Emily Laincz. Emily received many unhappy messages since uploading the video. But the problem is, she’s not the only Emily receiving messages over this.

A young woman who is a singer and Youtuber happens to have the same name as the disrespectful woman who peed on the Flag and has also been receiving messages.  Emily took to Facebook to let people know she is not the one who disrespected the Flag and that she’d never do such a thing.

Emily wrote:

I would like everyone to know that I will be posting a video later this afternoon explaining what is going on. Thank you for the people defending me and letting people know they are targeting the wrong Emily Lance.

Obviously not everyone read her posts because in the comments people were still going off on her. One man told her she deserves whatever she gets, and another woman called her a “filthy b*tch.”

Emily once again tried explaining it wasn’t her. She wrote:

“I wasn’t even the one who peed on the flag. I love this country and the people who fought for that flag. I just have the same name as that other girl. If you search her on google you’ll see what she looks like and that it isn’t me.”

I can’t help but feel bad for this young lady. She is not the one who disrespected the Flag, and looks NOTHING like the girl that did. I’m not sure how people don’t realize this. Please if you’re going to send someone hate messages (not saying I agree with it) at least make sure you have the right person!

Check out Emily the singers Youtube here and Facebook here. Lets show her some love!

Oh, and the here’s the social media accounts for the Emily who disrespected our Flag. See for yourself, they are two different people.

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